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Our Wales office, Located in Gwent, right next door to Barry is perfectly located and suited to offer Japanese Knotweed Eradication all over Barry and the surrounding areas of South Wales and the vale of Glamorgan.

We’re a local company (within miles of Barry Dock) and have almost a decade of experience with Japanese Knotweed Control and Treatments. Our local, specialist group of technicians in Barry are prepared to eradicate your infestation and GUARANTEE that we are able to treat and eliminate your Japanese Knotweed problem.

Knotweed services UK is a member of the PCA. The PCA is a government approved trade body for “the damp, waterproofing, wood preservation and invasive weeds industries”. To be a member of the PCA, we’re required to comply to tight specifications to be able to continue membership.

The application for membership is detailed and thorough. Consequently, any member of the PCA will be trusted to provide the most effective methods for Japanese knotweed removal. We’ve made use of our removal expertise to undertake various large and complex eradication’s in and around Barry (and greater South Wales).

For removal to be a success; experienced identification, surveying and treatment as well as the lawful disposal of polluted waste needs to happen. We can help and that’s why we’re the number one Japanese knotweed company in Barry today!

The reality about Japanese knotweed.

Sadly, Japanese Knotweed causes a variety of difficulties for both domestic home owners and commercial properties. If you are a home owner the most significant dilemma is that mortgage providers and banks often refuse to lend against a property that has an infestation. This has implications for both buyers and sellers (find out more by reading our buyers and sellers guide to Japanese Knotweed) and if you’re intending to re-mortgage your property. If you’re a commercial land or property owner and Japanese Knotweed is present, your project can result in being delayed for extended periods of time until or whilst your infestation is being dealt with correctly and legally.

Find out more about our commercial services by clicking here.

Find out more about our residential services by clicking here.

To summarise the problems that Japanese Knotweed can cause

  • Japanese Knotweed can grow through tarmac and concrete, which poses a threat to the structure of your building or property.
  • Banks WILL refuse to give mortgages out or loan against infected properties.
  • A plant the size of a 5 pence piece can and will grow into a HUGE plant.
  • Spreading Japanese Knotweed is very easy and can be spread by both machinery and humans. This may then create a new plant. No matter how poor or infertile the land is.
  • Japanese Knotweed was responsible for costing the government £70 million because it was present on the UK olympic development site! Read more here.
  • The UK government reports that it may cost £2 billion to eradicate Japanese knotweed totally from our shores!
  • Hinders both visibility and access to paths, roads and other infrastructure. Producing a massive headache for commercial properties particularly.
  • If not dealt with – it can become very expensive to manage. The earlier you choose our Japanese knotweed removal Barry service – the cheaper it will be.

For customers in Barry we should be your first call. We’ll always be sure that the weed is removed completely and our warranty guarantees against re-infection and colonisation. We’ll also make sure that it is safely and legally taken to a place where it can be disposed of, blocking any additional spread.

Should you be trying to sell your property and your surveyor finds Japanese Knotweed on their preliminary report, you are certain to encounter troubles. The process could possibly be delayed or stopped all together. This does not need to be the situation. So that you can sell your property you may need a management plan to be in place. This plan will demonstrate that you are dealing with your knotweed infestation and that it won’t be an issue when the plan is finished.

We’ll develop a personal management plan for each client. The plans are very in-depth and are backed by our warranty meaning you can sleep easy knowing that your infestation is being eradicated.

Find out more about our GPI backed warranty here.


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