Have you fallen in love with your dream home or cottage? Had the property surveyed and been informed there is Japanese knotweed on the land?

Have you been filled with dread reading about how Japanese knotweed grows in the foundations and cavities of properties? Have you heard stories about how Japanese knotweed is impossible to eradicate and how spreading this invasive weed is both easy and rapid?

It is true that Japanese Knotweed can be extremely difficult to eradicate and remove. It is also true that Japanese Knotweed removal costs can be expensive. We will NOT charge you for treatments you don’t need.

Get your knotweed cost estimate on the spot by calling us on: 0121 720 0695 or 0800 689 4146.

If you think you are a victim of Japanese Knotweed or the property you want to buy may have Japanese knotweed present – don’t panic! The first thing to do is to confirm whether it is Japanese Knotweed. Contact us here by filling in the form to the right (or below on mobile devices).


We are professionals and we take our reputation seriously. Our methods work and we really can eradicate your Japanese Knotweed problem.

As a result, we take on the challenge of Japanese Knotweed removal in a different manner to almost every Japanese Knotweed removal company out there today.

  1. Each case is different and therefore different approaches are required for each treatment method, as a result there are differing Japanese knotweed removal costs. There is no size fits all.
  2. As a result your Japanese Knotweed costs are kept as low as possible because you only pay for what you need!


Perhaps a dead giveaway is that Japanese knotweed has its origins in Japan. The plant was originally introduced into Britain during the 19th century and it was introduced as an ornamental plant due to its pretty appearance.

Japanese Knotweed grows freely in Japan and Japan doesn’t suffer from the same affects that we do here in Great Britain. This is mainly due to the eco system in Japan where they have native bugs called the Aphalara Itadori that eat and control the growth of Japanese knotweed. In the UK, the Aphalara Itadori isn’t native and therefore we don’t have any form of natural control to stem or stop the growth of Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed possesses a risk due to its highly invasive nature and its incredibly fast rate of growth. It grows through almost all structures including concrete. Once the shoots or stem has penetrated the concrete, its rate of growth then increases whilst it works its way further into the structure eventually forcing it apart often causing severe damage.


Japanese Knotweed is also legally problematic.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is an offence to plant or cause Knotweed to spread (so if you have Japanese Knotweed on your land and it spreads to a neighbour etc you can be held liable) and all waste such as any contaminated soil or cutting containing Japanese Knotweed falls under the control of part II of the environmental protection Act 1990.

Therefore by LAW, your waste must be properly disposed of with full compliance of the law because disposing of Japanese Knotweed incorrectly is actually an offense that can lead to prosecution.

This means that all waste containing Japanese Knotweed must be taken to a licensed premises where it will be properly disposed of. This is why many people opt to use our cost effective Japanese Knotweed removal service as all of these factors are included within our Japanese knotweed removal cost.

Japanese Knotweed is also considered problematic due to the legislation surrounding it. it is an offense to plant or cause Knotweed to spread in the wild and furthermore all waste (soil/cuttings) containing Japanese knotweed comes under the control of Part II of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and must be properly disposed off as it is actually classed as controlled waste.

We can help. We keep Japanese knotweed removal costs lower than any other Japanese knotweed removal company. We will eradicate your Japanese Knotweed problem.

Give us a call on: 0800 689 4146 or 0121 720 0695.

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