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Lorraine Hicks BEd (Hons)

Managing Director

Favorite Part of Your Job – There is nothing more satisfying than coming off the phone to a customer, who, at the beginning of the call was distressed and inconsolable about Japanese Knotweed on their property, but by the end of the call is completely reassured and confident that Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd will deal with it and take the burden off their shoulders.

Property owners are understandably concerned about Japanese Knotweed and navigating the buying or selling process and the problems associated with having Japanese Knotweed. I have personally helped thousands of customers and I will never tire of the satisfaction it brings me to help people.

Personal Life – I am happily married and have been with my husband, Alan, for nearly 20 years. I am a full time working mother of 4 beautiful children (3 boys, 1 girl). My family & my business are my pride and joy and whilst juggling work and being a mom/wife can be tricky, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m grateful for everything I have, and my kids make me so proud.

I love watching my boys play football and most weekends you’ll find me cheering from the side lines watching them play a club match. As a family we love to go out exploring and often take part in my husband’s hobbies -fishing and golf.

I have a wonderful circle of friends and we love to meet up (not nearly as often as I’d like) and put the world to rights over a well-deserved glass of wine..

Alan Hicks

Managing Director

Favorite Part of Your Job – I find the best part of working in this industry is when we help a seller or buyer with the correct warranty and paper work to assist them with the already very stressful process of sale chains. I myself have experienced the worry from issues that arise during a sale process, you need a reliable company to act quick in order for the sale not to fall through.

Another satisfying part of my role is the commercial side of the business, we often work with developers that have recently discovered Japanese Knotweed on their land and this of course is a huge worry and inconvenience and we often work as a team with these developers in finding the quickest and most efficient solutions to not cause any undue delays. Finally, I enjoy working with such great people we have here, genuine hard-working trust worthy staff, we are very lucky.

Personal Life – I am a very happily married father of 4 children and as with all parents I am constantly battling the balance with work / personal time, however most weekends we spend time with our children pursuing as many outdoor activities as we can such as cycling, walking, fishing and golf, as well as being my children’s biggest fans be it football, rugby, hockey etc.


Call us on: 0121 725 6348 or 0800 689 4146 for an on the spot estimate

Clive Brooker

Operations Manager

Im the new operations manager for knotweed services (UK) ltd, I came across knotweed back in 2000 whilst working on contracts part time for a services company.

I cut my teeth full time as a supervisor on the commonwealth games knotweed contract in Glasgow, with almost 21 years (15 full time), myself and my team of experienced technicians, with the backup from the office have all the experience you need to remediate any land with knotweed or other non native invasive species present.

I’m married with 2 daughters and they are my everything, in my spare time I can either be found restoring my VW collection or give me a tent and some water and I’ll either be kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or catching some surf with my family

Lindsay Hardy

Senior Account Manager

Favorite Part of Your Job – I have recently joined Knotweed Services and what I enjoy the most about my role is dealing with the day to day enquiries – offering reassuring advise and assisting customers with their concerns and worries surrounding Japanese Knotweed.

I enjoy the customer service element of the job and helping to reduce the customer stress, for example property owners during the buying/selling process.

Personal Life – During my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my partner, socialising and eating out at nice restaurants. We have nice weekends away and days out making happy memories together.

I also enjoy spending money on fashion and cosmetics (too much in fact 🙂 )

I also drive my neighbours crazy as I have a love for music and singing which has been a hobby of mine since I was a young child. I have sung with bands over the years in pubs, clubs, children’s parties and corporate events covering lots of different types of music.

Tom Hicks BSc (Hons)


Favorite Part of Your Job – Personally, my favourite aspect of the job is devising creative management plans. Every project has its own unique set of challenges.

Successful management plans require creative thinking coupled with assertive action. I take great pride and joy in delivering these solutions to our customers.

Personal Life – I have a strong affinity for all things associated with the natural world. This is exemplified by my sporting interests, which include: skiing, surfing and scuba diving.

I am definitely at my most content when I’m in the mountains or near the ocean. For this reason, I am often the first to volunteer for projects near the coast!

Daniel Pellowe


Role at Knotweed Services –Being a Technician, every job is totally different. An infestation you see on one property is totally different in shape and size to another property. The key to my job is to identify and treat the infestation for up to 3 years. I build a good relationship with all customers and enjoy meeting every new customer I have throughout the year. I also enjoy driving to various sites around the country to reach our customers.

Personal Life – Having recently become a dad, I love nothing more than spending quality time with my family. As a family we love visiting different places and occasionally cycling and doing outdoor activities. I love spending time with friends and watching the football. Eating out at various places and going skiing once a year to the Alpes is something else I really enjoy doing outside of work.

Richard Peach


Favorite Part of Your Job – My favourite part of any job is to reassure the client and to make them feel at ease. Japanese knotweed is a very invasive plant and can cause a lot of stress. There is nothing more fulfilling than reassuring our client’s that it is treatable, and we will act quickly to deal with the problem.

Personal Life – On a personal note I enjoy travelling as much as I can, exploring different countries and cities with lots of history. I also have an interest in different sports including football and formula 1 and ride outs on my motorbike whenever I get the chance.

Gareth Tucker


Favorite Part of Your Job – For me, my favourite part of my role is traveling to different places around the nation, meeting different people from all walks of life and finding no job the same.

I enjoy delivering a professional approach/attitude and thoroughly enjoy my variety of shifts and places I go.

Interests – My family mean the world to me, my wife and my two children. We enjoy the great outdoors.

The British 3 Peak for charities.

Being a proud Welshman. Snowdon is a top fave!