Japanese knotweed survey cost

Find out how much one of our Japanese Knotweed Surveys will cost

Our fantastic Japanese Knotweed Survey will accurately identify your infestation. As we are a Property Care Association (PCA) member, we are approved by RICS (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) to undertake and complete these surveys.

Our detailed Japanese Knotweed Surveys will provide the following:

  • We will identify whether or not your infestation is indeed Japanese Knotweed.
  • We will detail the size of your infestation and highlight where Japanese Knotweed is present and what perimeters it breaches or threatens to breach.
  • We will clearly outline all boundaries and property positions.
  • Knotweed Services will provide you with a list of Japanese Knotweed treatment methods that are suitable for your Japanese Knotweed infestation.
  • Provide your mortgage lender, bank or building society the risk assessment that they require.

The earlier that Japanese Knotweed is detected and treatment is started the better. This will keep your Japanese Knotweed removal costs lower. If detection and treatment are delayed, the cost can be very heavy to burden.

A survey can safeguard a buyer who wishes to purchase a development site. If the site is found to be infested with Japanese knotweed, the costs of eradication should be considered in the purchase price.

Japanese Knotweed is a herbaceous plant. This means that the Japanese Knotweed growth season is between March and October.

It is imperative that a Japanese knotweed survey is undertaken to determine the best method of treatment(s) for each individual site. Each site is unique and each treatment plan is bespoke. There are a number of reasons for each site being unique: site condition, available land, time scales, neighbours etc.

Selecting the most appropriate treatment(s) will depends on various constraints such as available space (i.e. for onsite burial methods) and timescales etc. We always provide our clients with the most cost effective Japanese Knotweed removal options.

If you are looking to purchase land – you should always have the land properly surveyed before buying. As stated above although you would not be responsible for any previous damage, you would be responsible and liable for the continuation of any damage.

It is important to also note that as a seller, you could be reliable for any damage caused prior to the date of sale and you could even be found guilty of misrepresentation to the buyer if you do not respond correctly to any pre-purchase enquiries concerning the presence of Japanese Knotweed.

Please note – after undertaking a survey, if you then proceed with our offer treatment, we will deduct the cost of the survey from the over all cost treating your Japanese Knotweed infestation.

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