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Need our Japanese Knotweed removal services? Need help buying or selling your home?

Knotweed services UK are the UK’s leading company for Japanese knotweed removal. We use the most effective eradication methods and solutions, specialising in the control, eradication and treatment of Japanese Knotweed throughout the UK.

We are a registered, approved PCA contractor. This means our bespoke treatment and removal management plans (we provide services to both the residential and commercial sectors), are fully compliant with industry standards and are recognised by all banks, building society’s and lenders to allow lending against a property. We can control, treat and remove ANY Japanese Knotweed infestation, we have a 100% success record.

We are proud to be ‘Advanced’ members of the PCA and all of our services are reinforced with a PCA approved 10 year warranty. Our Herbicide management plans also come with an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) as Standard*. IBG’s for JKW excavation are available upon request. *Contracts over £5k subject to referral.

This Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is provided through Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd (GPI) which is an independent insurance company approved by the PCA trade body.

Our PCA Certified Surveyors in Japanese Knotweed (CSJK) and PCA Qualified Technicians (PCA QT) use the most effective methods and solutions, led by the most advanced and up-to-date research.

Our website contains the latest changes in Japanese Knotweed legislation, keeping you informed of the latest developments and also providing you with advice and Japanese Knotweed treatment solutions designed to control ANY infestation.

Japanese Knotweed control is a difficult and specialist service. For successful Japanese knotweed removal and control for both residential and commercial sites – professional identification, surveying & treatment (including the legal disposal of controlled waste) should be entrusted to the professionals.

That doesn’t mean it should cost the Earth. Read more here.


Here at Knotweed Services, we think every day life is hard enough – who needs more drama? We keep our Japanese Knotweed treatment process simple. You’re only 3 simple steps away from eradicating your Japanese Knotweed problem.


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Once we’ve answered all your questions and you’re happy, we’ll book your survey in and one of our expert Knotweed technicians will conduct an in-depth survey – which in many cases will be FREE.


Survey conducted and report issued

We will provide you with a detailed site survey outlining your infestation and provide you with an in-depth quote along with the best treatment methods for your situation.

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We provide our Japanese Knotweed services throughout the UK. We have helped thousands of home owners and land developers across the nation. If you’re a professional that acts on behalf of a client in the: buying, selling, letting, management, maintenance, construction & development of a client’s property – we want to work with you!

Not all Knotweed Companies are created equal

The cost of removing Japanese Knotweed from your property shouldn’t be the only thing you take into consideration when selecting a Japanese Knotweed company to assist you. Choosing the correct company will help you to buy and/or sell your property quicker and easier. When choosing a Japanese Knotweed company you should also consider the warranty they provide, the reputation of the company and of-course the treatment costs involved.

The benefits of choosing Knotweed Services

Knotweed warranty icon

Insurance Backed Guarantee

As part of our commitment to client peace of mind we are able to offer an insurance backed warranty on all sites.

This is aimed specifically at covering any costs that could be incurred should re-growth occur within a 10 year period.

Warranty includes quarterly inspection during the first twelve months after completion, followed by an annual site visit and report. This level of warranty follows in-depth research by our insurers as to our methods and our results to date.

5 Star Rating

Don’t just take our word for it – check out our 5 star ratings from real customers! We are members of both checkatrade and Trust Pilot. We also have active social media accounts with lots of interaction and reviews from our customers.

Knotweed Services have worked extremely hard over the last decade to truly transform our Japanese knotweed treatments and service experience for all of our customers. Without doubt, Knotweed Services are delivering the best standards, control methods and customer service. Give us a call on: 0121 720 0695 or 0800 689 4146 to discuss your options.

value for money removal

Value For Money

We specialise in both the domestic and commercial removal of Japanese Knotweed. We guarantee removal and will ensure you avoid legal action from future occupants and neighbouring properties.

We regularly price check our services against other well known Japanese Knotweed Companies and can confidently state that we provide the best value money service available, not to mention:

  • Free Identification
  • Free Surveys
  • 5 Star customer care and support


  • Very professional company and really helped me overcome my Japanese knotweed problem. Lorraine was very keen to make sure I was happy every step of th... Read More
  • Lorraine and the team really get to understand the challenges that you are having a create a bespoke plan to best resolve. Friendly team and really pr... Read More
  • Great Company and excellent service. Really put my mind at ease when purchasing our house. Thanks Again Knotweed Services

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Call us on: 0121 720 0695 or 0800 689 4146


Do you suspect that you have Japanese Knotweed but can’t be sure? OR perhaps a suspect plant has been identified by a homebuyer’s surveyor/valuation surveyor and they have requested/suggested that you seek further advice?

Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd can help! Simply upload your pictures of suspected Japanese Knotweed to us and we will confirm if it is Japanese Knotweed. This service is QUICK, EASY and completely FREE.

Are your pictures on a different device? Don’t have pictures available at the moment? No problem! Sending pictures to us is EASY at ANYTIME. You can contact us via the following:

SMS Text







Click the plus icon next to any question to see your answer!

Unfortunately, banks WILL refuse mortgages and loans against a property with Japanese Knotweed, preventing property sales, UNLESS a PCA approved Japanese Knotweed Specialist has been instructed to conduct a management plan. Lenders need to know that a reputable & specialist Japanese Knotweed company has been instructed in order to protect their investment

Other problems include:

  • Economic loss, primarily associated with control costs in the construction sector
  • A fragment of Rhizome (the size of half of your fingernail) can contaminate surrounding soil… on the bottom of a shoe, a lawn mower etc. This will result in MORE NEW GROWTH.
  • Aesthetic damage to gardens and landscaping
  • Damage to hard surfaces such as patios and driveways
  • Damage to built structures such as walls, conservatories and out buildings

Japanese Knotweed has distinct characteristics which help to distinguish it from other plants. The optimal time to detect Japanese Knotweed is throughout mid Summer – Autumn. If you have a plant and are not sure it is Japanese Knotweed, here are some characteristics to look out for:

  • Is it lush green in colour?
  • Are the leaves heart shaped?
  • Is the stem ‘bamboo like’ in appearance?
  • Do the leaves shoot from the stem nodes alternatively? In a zig-zag pattern?
  • Does it grow rapidly? (Japanese Knotweed grows incredibly quickly- it’s been reported it can grow 2cm a day!! The stems can reach heights of approx. 3m and the Rhizomes can spread approx. 4m in every direction).
  • For a more in depth guide read more here or click the button below:

In the Pre-Contract Enquiry form (TA6) there is a specific question asking the seller ‘if the property is affected by Japanese knotweed?’. If the seller fails to disclose Japanese Knotweed or knowingly falsifies the non-presence of Japanese Knotweed to the buyer, a claim against the seller could be brought before the courts for ‘Misrepresentation’.

Under the Consumer Protection Regulations, agents acting on behalf of the seller have a duty to disclose any “material facts”. Guidance to the regulations now includes Japanese Knotweed as a material fact.

Unfortunately yes it does. If it has been treated with any kind of pesticide, there is a high possibility the rhizome will go into dormancy, making it more difficult to detect the scale of the Japanese knotweed infestation & to give the infestation the appropriate amount of treatment in subsequent visits.

If there have been attempts at digging or removing the Japanese Knotweed, it will be very difficult to recognize the original extent and spread of the plant.

Rhizome dormancy can be induced by incorrect herbicide application. Where dormancy exists the knotweed may look dead above ground (or may not even be visible) but the rhizome system in the ground remains alive ready to send up new shoots when the dormancy is broken.

A 5 year, in-situ, herbicide management plan is essentially a ‘control’ method which puts Japanese Knotweed into dormancy. As the rhizomes are not being removed from the soil, if the soil were to be disturbed, the Japanese Knotweed would become viable and start to grow again. Disturbing the ground could also fragment the rhizome system, leading to spread and regrowth of the Japanese Knotweed.

As above, if the Japanese knotweed is in dormancy we would strongly suggest you not to do this – if you are looking to redevelop/landscape or disturb the ground, complete removal (excavation) of the Japanese Knotweed is advised.

Knotweed Services will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum, but inevitably some loss of enjoyment that the property and garden provides will be experienced. The amount and duration of disruption can depend on the treatment method adopted.

  • To minimise spread, if you cannot control access, fencing and warning signs should be used to prohibit unauthorized access into the affected area.
  • During application of herbicide, please keep persons and pets out of the area. The herbicides used are not harmful to mammals if used correctly, however unnecessary exposure should be avoided.
  • Do not allow the above ground knotweed vegetation to be trampled on, cut down or damaged. Damage to the above ground part of the plant makes the treatment using herbicide less effective. In certain circumstances it can also lead to further spread.
  • You should also notify all relevant parties with access to the infestation that the cutting down/pulling out of any Japanese Knotweed is not permitted during a treatment programme as to do so would severely hinder the control of the Japanese Knotweed, or worst case scenario cause new infestations to occur.
  • A 1m boundary should be left around the infestation to avoid contaminating surrounding soil.
  • It is imperative that no Japanese Knotweed is permitted to be disturbed, broken / pulled during an in situ control programme as this will delay control timescales and potentially increase control costs in the end.



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