PCA approved Japanese knotweed contractor

In the video below, the Property Care Association (PCA) tell us what Japanese knotweed is. They discuss the property problems it can cause and what effective treatments can be used. Knotweed Services UK are PCA approved Japanese knotweed contractors!

The PCA is a government approved trade body for “the damp, waterproofing, wood preservation and invasive weeds industries”. As a member of the PCA we are required to adhere to strict standards in order to receive PCA membership. The application for membership is detailed and thorough. It is for these reasons that any company approved by the PCA can be trusted to provide the most effective solutions for Japanese knotweed removal.

Why choose a PCA member?

Please watch the video below to find out the benefits of choosing a PCA approved Japanese knotweed contractor:

Knotweed Services UK – PCA approved Japanese Knotweed contractor.

Choosing a company to remove Japanese knotweed can be difficult. Unless, you’re in the know, chances are Japanese Knotweed is a new subject area for you. So, all at once you are reading about significant costs, laws, mortgage problems etc. On top of that, you are probably not even aware of whether a company is reputable or not. This is where a governing body like the PCA really helps.

The PCA is the government approved trade body for damp, waterproofing, wood preserving and Japanese Knotweed industry. The PCA helps you choose the right company by ensuring only reputable companies are granted membership. This ensures that only experienced and qualified contractors are accredited members. This ensures both competency and a proven level of competency.

Members of the PCA are required to adhere to an exhaustive set of challenging standards in order to be admitted into the PCA. Once admitted, approved contractors are held to strict, regular quality checks. This has to be complied with in order to keep hold of their PCA status.

As a member of the ‘Trustmark’ Government endorsed scheme, it aims to ensure consumers find reliable and trusted tradesmen that are fully experienced and qualified in the field of Japanese Knotweed removal and treatment.

Find out more about the PCA and Japanese Knotweed removal by clicking here.

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